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Unfortunately, General Zod's wife, Faora, also escapes and takes over Lois's body. ^ Seidman, Robert (February 3, 2009). Erica plays Lois, Faora possessing Lois' body (Bloodline), and Chloe who has been transformed into Lois (Hex). Forum - Image Gallery - Official CW Description - Promo Caps - Promo #2 Caps - Promo #3 Caps - Triplet's Review . Suspecting it could be a meteor-freak, he demands that Chloe release the names of members of the Isis Foundation, which causes a rift between the friends. Meanwhile, Oliver kills Lex, and Winslow Schott - the Toyman - causes trouble for the Luthorcorp board. This season, Clark Kent moved closer than ever to embracing his destiny as the iconic superhero he will become. ^ David Lambert (June 3, 2009).

"Top CW Primetime Shows, May 410, 2009". After lecturing her on faking a story, he tracks down the laptop but is incapacitated by kryptonite. .. Instead, Clark decides to use black kryptonite to split Davis from Doomsday, and bury the beast a mile underground. The bombmaker, Winslow Schott, a former Queen Industries employee now under the employ of Lex, plants another bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet. July 30, 2008. Abyss Writer: Don Whitehead & Holly Henderson Director: Kevin Fair November 13, 2008 #161 809 Brainiac begins removing Chloe's memories one by one until the only person she remembers is Davis. ^ Robert Seidman (September 21, 2009). Comic book scribe Geoff Johns wrote the episode that featured the Legion of Super-Heroes, and suggested that people familiar with the Legion would recognize them when they appeared on the show, as they had some of the quintessential elements of their comic book counterparts.[38] Darren Swimmer stated that they would be using Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad for this episode.[31] In the seventeenth episode, "Hex", Smallville puts its spin on the DC character Zatanna.

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